Reflections at Cedar Sky

The perfect blend of pastoral charm and modern convenience

Take the next step of life’s journey to Reflections at Cedar Sky, an impressive development that’s sheltered by the north face of Chilliwack Mountain. You’ll find homes that exemplify superb design, and are perfect for growing young families. Built to the highest standards of craftsmanship, they offer amazing features and an intimate community setting. Reflections is a perfect synthesis of modern living and vivid natural beauty. With breathtaking scenery and the majestic Fraser River nearby, it’s the perfect place for nurturing your family, and enjoying health and happiness with a gathering of friends.

Prices starting from $459,900 excluding GST


A palette of calming earth tones enhance the architecture of each home, and reflect the stunning natural surroundings. High ceilings and oversized windows allow a tranquility and ambiance that only natural sunlight can provide. The practicalities of modern living are also a seamless part of the design, with features such as extra storage closets and pantries out of sight but not out of mind, and a choice of designer colour schemes allow you to strike your own balance between nature and modernity. With a kitchen designed to inspire your culinary prowess, ensuite bathrooms, a private garage and a host of other classic features with a contemporary twist, each home is a perfect environment for a young family.

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How to find Reflections at Cedar Sky

43685 Chilliwack Mountain Rd., Chilliwack BC, V2R 4A1